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So you think you know it all? Think again! 
Come one, come all to the battlefield of memory, intelligence, & understanding.
Your knowledge will be tested thoroughly. 
Should you take the leap of faith required to participate & are successful,
you will be handsomely rewarded.

But, should you fail, fear not. Perseverance is key.

"Keep an open mind, but not one so open that your brains fall out"- Mount Holyoke Prof. Walter Kotschnig

Twisted Trivia Weekly Question
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Movie Wordplay

What 2004 Best Picture Oscar-winning film's title is something that usually occurs in the title of the 2000 Best Director Oscar-winning film?

Twisted Trivia News & Updates
Our next Twisted Trivia Charity Night is Wednesday, March 30th, 2024 & the charity to benefit is the Flow Initiative, whose mission is to achieve menstrual equity for girls, women, & people who menstruate. Through programs, partnerships, & policy, the Flow Initiative's mission comes to life & does the work necessary to lead the charge in ending period poverty.

Please remember, Twisted Trivia begins promptly at 7pm with 3 games running until 10pm. The minimum suggested donation for a team of up to 4 is $50; 100% of the proceeds from entrance fees goes straight to the charity of the night. 
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