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10 Simple Steps To Playing Twisted Trivia

Twisted Trivia is a fun, exciting trivia game that is as easy to follow along with as it is to play!

How to play is as easy as following these 10 simple steps!!!

1) Bring your friends, preferably the ones who like to have fun. It helps if they like trivia & have brains, too! Brains are important because you cannot look answers up on your phones!!!

2) Come up with a team name. Think of something funny, personal, witty, snarky... whatever you choose, it'll represent your team.

3) Grab an answer sheet & supplies from the host, decide who will be the Team Captain, the Answer-Writer, & the Messenger. Those are the 3 most important roles on the team!

4) Order up some brain food & drinks! Studies show that the brain does not work properly when you work & play on an empty stomach!!!

5) Listen to the Host, as he/she will be reading you the questions 1 at a time! You'll need to pay attention because you'll only have 2 minutes to think about the question & submit an answer. Remember, your first answer is your final answer!!!

6) Keep your fingers crossed! If you're 100% confident you answered correctly, way to go- you'll earn points (& hopefully BIG points!!!) If you're skeptical about your answer, don't fret- you're still in it!

7) Listen to the Host again, as he/she will read the question again & tell everyone what the correct answer was. They'll also announce your team name if you answered correctly!!! Next is the fun part!!!

8) The Host will call one team & ask them to send someone to spin the Big Wheel. This will determine the point value for the question. If you answered correctly, cheer the spinner on for big points!!! If you answered incorrectly, clap like crazy & hope for a low point value!

9) After 10 questions have come & gone, it's time for the Bonus Question!!! Your team will have 5 minutes to answer the Final Question & wager your cumulative points! The Final Question will only be read twice, so make sure to listen carefully & wager on your confidence level!

10) Hold hands with your teammates & wait as the Final Answer is revealed & placements are announced. If your team wins 1st Place, Congratulations!!! Bragging rights & a celebratory round are in order, not to mention you get the prize for the game!!! Glory only goes to 1st Place!!!

If you & your teammates can follow those simple 10 steps, you'll be ready & raring to play Twisted Trivia!


Twisted Trivia does not use 1 single source of information when question-writing.

Twisted Trivia researches the answers to the best of their ability using sources apropos for particular questions; ie.. Gray's Anatomy for a human body anatomy question or Pro Baseball Reference for a given team's pennant win count.

Twisted Trivia are human beings; therefore, steps are taken to ensure errors do not occur, but every once in a while, an error is made.

In the event an error makes it to a Twisted Trivia night, it is at the discretion of the host, unless directed otherwise prior to the start of the game how to correct said error.

Rules To Abide By

The number of players that can exist on one team differs from venue to venue. A team cannot exceed player limit.

Cell phones & other smart devices cannot be used to research any of the answers.

Cheering & rowdy, yet tasteful banter will be tolerated. Shouting at & disrespect towards certain players & teams will not be tolerated.

First answers are final answers.

Appeals will be heard in a timely manner. However, the host has the final say! No guarantee of points is made thereof.


Do Not Argue With The Trivia Host!!! Rude individuals & cheaters will NOT be tolerated!!!


The Host reserves the right to disqualify any player or team who may be found in violation of the "Rules To Abide By."


The Host also reserves the right to disqualify any player or team based on a suspicion of cheating.


The Host does NOT need to see cheating to disqualify a player or team for it. 

The game is designed to preclude and prevent cheating as much as possible to begin with.

Cheating is detrimental to the game! Everyone has the right to enjoy the game, thus cheating, in any form, will NOT be tolerated!!!

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