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About The QuizMaster
The QuizMaster, or QM for short, has been artfully crafting & excitedly hosting trivia nights across the country for over 10 years. The QM is a seasoned question-writer. The QM's decisions are final, his/her/their judgments are absolute,
& his/her/
their word shall be respected.

What the QM decides, shall be- no ifs, ands, or buts.
Note: While there are many "QuizMasters" working here to make sure your Twisted Trivia experience is as enjoyable as possible, there is only one "The QuizMaster." It is customary, however, to refer to all  QuizMasters as "The QuizMaster."
About Twisted Trivia
Twisted Trivia, in its current form, is the never-finished product of more than 10 years of hosting venue-personalized quiz nights, careful craftsmanship of questions & the more-than-thorough research of their answers, & thoughtful response to critique & criticism- all with the goal of ensuring players & teams have as much fun as possible in an exciting, yet challenging game of intellect. The QuizMaster is perpetually fine-tuning the experience because he truly cares about the quiz nights he hosts as well as the people who choose to spend their time playing the game. 
Note: The QuizMaster has hosted many Twisted Trivia nights across New Jersey, New York, & North Carolina, where he hosted his very first quiz night. He has also hosted quiz nights & events for private organizations, religious organizations, small & major corporations like Bank of New York-MellonGroup, Google, AT&T, & others.
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