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The Big Wheel of Twisted Trivia

The Big Wheel is the "Twisted" in Twisted Trivia!

It is what makes each & every game interesting & thrilling.

Every time it is spun, people cheer. People clap. They hold their breath.

They all look on to see where it will stop. For some, it may mean big points.

For others, it might mean catching up to the rest of the pack or, even better,  

coming from behind & taking the lead.

For everyone, however, it is the path you have to take to victory!!!

The Wedges

The Bonuses

The Bombs

There are 19 point wedges that can be landed on at any time, ranging from 500 points to 10,000 points. The 10,000 point wedge is the hardest to attain since it is one-third the size of a regular wedge, 1 notch out of 72.

There are 4 bonuses, 2 Double-Up's & 2 High-Value wedges. Double-Up's act as multipliers, doubling the value of the subsequent spin. The High Value wedges are worth 5,000 & 10,000 points & there are only one of each.

There are 4 pitfalls, all of them represented by "bombs." 2 of them are the size of all of the other wedges, but the other 2 are 1/3rd the size of a regular wedge. If a player lands on one during a spin, all teams gain zero points.

The Danger Zone, a.k.a The Bomb Sandwich

The Danger Zone is a blend of bonus & pitfall. It is 1 wedge that is split into 3 segments: one 10,000 point segment sandwiched between two "bombs." Many players have landed on a bomb trying to land on the 10,000 point segment & were blown back to their seats with zero points.


Caution: Spin At Your Own Risk!

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